Prohibition Senayan


Few weeks ago, Kenny the Executive Chef from Prohibition sent me an email and asked me to come to try their food at Prohibition, Arkadia Senayan. After set the date and time, I went there with Yenny and Aline to try some food at Prohibition.


Prohibition located in 2nd floor Plaza Senayan Arkadia. You can go there from Plaza Senayan and just go outside from Monolog Area.


When you go inside, you can see many pictures on the wall comes from 1920s era. Feels so luxury in here.




They also have their hidden pub/bar called speakeasy. You need to go to the speakeasy from the ‘toilet’ area. No need to worry since it’s not real toilet. Very creative right !


This one that you will see once you passed the ‘toilet’. Very huge area. Every Tuesday they have live music in here.





In 1920s, they don’t call this place as a pub or bar but they call it as speakeasy because alcohol is forbidden at that time.


Texmex Nachos – IDR 160.000

AUS Veal Tenderloin, Chili Con Carne, Pico De Gallo, Sour Cream, Guacamole, Grilled Jalapeno

As a starter, we tried Texmex Nachos. The veal tenderloin was very tender and tasted delicious. This portion is very big! Better share it with 3-4 persons.

Tomahawk – IDR 1.300.000

AUS Bone-In Ribeye Served with Salad, Roast Potato & Creamy Foie Gras Sauce






Next is the Tomahawk. You can request the meat level between rare/medium/welldone. The portion is really big and they use foei gras as the sauce. First time eat steak with foei gras as the sauce and tasted perfectly fine with me. The foei gras is very creamy with balance taste, the meat is very tender although it’s welldone. No complaint from all of us.

Squid Ink Pasta – IDR 110.000

Squid Ink Pasta, Capers, Sour Spicy Classic Italian Tomato Sauce, Sauteed Squid with White Wine


We also tried this Squid Ink Pasta. The sauce was really fresh ! I always love tomato based sauce for pasta and in Prohibition the sauce is really good with fresh tomato and it feels like Indonesian food , full of flavors. Fresh, sour and spicy. 1 spoon is not enough for this menu.

Truffle Pasta – IDR 160.000

Fresh Italian Black Truffle, Classic Egg Sauce, Fried Basil


One of my favorite menu ! In here, they use fresh truffle instead of oil truffle.  I can smell the truffle and I know that they are really generous to put lots of truffles on this menu. No wonder the price is quite high though this menu looks very simple. Love this dish so much. Must try dish if you go to Prohibition. They imported the truffle directly from Italy so the quality is very good


Chocolate Fondant – IDR 55.000

New York Classic Molten Chocolate Cake Served with Ice Cream

Simple presentation and taste quite good too! You know the chef cooked it right if you see the chocolate melted once you cut the cake.


Peach Cobbler – IDR 60.000

Traditional American Recipe, Mixture of Cake & Casserole served with Ice Cream

Another dessert that you can’t miss in Prohibition. A perfect dessert to end your lunch or dinner in here. For peach lover this dessert is a must try.



Bathtub Gin Punch – IDR 350.000

Prohibition gin with elderflower liqueur, homemade hibiscus soda, homemade lemonade served with pomegranate seeds and lychees

They put the punch in a unique presentation. If you are not an alcohol drinker, you can request it to mocktail (non alcohol) version. I tried the alcohol version and it tasted good! Light and sweet. But since I can’t drink much, I only try a little.

Espresso Martini – IDR 130.000

Vodca, Coffee Liquor, Espresso Coffee, Butterscotch Syrup

If you love coffee and can drink alcohol, I bet you will love this one.

Zombie – IDR 130.000

Rhum, Grapefruit Juice, Bitter

Another cocktail is this Zombie, they burn the Rhum first to elevate the taste. It’s quite heavy for me so I only try 1 sip.

Prohibition is now open from 11 AM so you can have your lunch in here with your family or your friends. First time try the food in here and I can say that the food is good and full of flavors. You can come and try the food by yourself.

Thank you Kenny and Prohibition Team. I really enjoyed my lunch at your place.

Prohibition Asia
Plaza Senayan Arcadia 2nd Floor
Jl. New Delhi No. 9
Pintu 1 Senayan

Phone : 021-57901295


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