Arts Cafe by Raffles Hotel Jakarta


Last Sunday I had a chance to try Sunday Brunch at Arts Cafe by Raffles Hotel Jakarta.  To go to the hotel, you can simply search the Ciputra World 1 building or just go to Lotte Avenue Mall in Kuningan area. You can access Arts Cafe straight from the mall. Just go to 1st floor, find Blacklisted Restaurant, and there’s the entry straight to Raffles Hotel beside Blacklisted. From there you can see Arts Cafe directly. Easy right ? Thanks Yenny for the suggestion and clear direction.

Enjoy the spirit of sharing and celebrate the festive season with your family and friends. Arts Café offered special festive delicacies of traditional and modern Christmas favorites for your merriment. Delight in a masterfully crafted lunch set menu and indulge your senses with 12 Days before Christmas, starting from 12 – 23 December 2015. Start from IDR 450,000++ per person, be luxuriated in 4 course menu with a choice from appetizers and main courses. Chef Daniel Patterson and his culinary team serve up a celebratory Christmas treat featuring an exceptional buffet delight in Christmas Eve Dinner on 24 December 2015 until Christmas Brunch on 25 December 2015. Price starts from IDR 688,000++ per person including Christmas welcome drink, free flow iced tea and chilled juice. Another additional IDR 200,000++ per person for free flow beer and wine.

Now scroll down for the food porn below




Here’s some food that we tried that day

Sushi Hand Roll
Fresh Seafood, Sashimi, Mini Burger, Meat
Baked Oyster, Salmon, Lamb Chop
Lobster, Sashimi, Oyster, Mussel


Beef Wellington
Torch the Lobster
Torch Lobster with Spinach

Beside the buffet, in Arts Cafe their have unique concept. They will have set menu from their kitchen and you can order that as much as you want. Here’s the 4 menu that I’ve tried last Sunday


Smoked Salmon with Cheese
Foei Gras
Cream Wonton Soup
Beef Tenderloin

My favorite from this set was their Beef Tenderloin. Cooked in medium and the meat was tender. The sauce was really went well with the meat.

Besides that 4 set menu from the kitchen, the chef informed us that we can request all kind of food that we want, as long as they have the ingredients. So don’t hestitate to contact the kitchen staff and ask some food that you want! Like this Chili Crab Bun. I heard this menu from my friend. She praised this menu so much and I really want to try. So sad that this menu was not on their set menu from the kitchen on that day. But lucky me, when I asked about this Chili Crab Bun, they can prepare it for me.


Chili Crab Bun, black bun with lots of crab meat inside and surrounded by chili crab sauce. Tasted really good ! Better you eat it directly after they send this menu to your table.

Now the dessert part, for you, dessert lover, you will love the dessert on Arts Cafe. All dessert that I tried that day was good! The chocolate was from Pipiltin Cocoa, so no doubt for the taste.


You can have the ice cream too. For this, you need to ask the staff and they will bring it to your table.



From the bar, you can taste variety drink (already include from the buffet price). I tried their iced coffee and cranberry tea. Tasted good and refreshing.

So, still don’t have any plan for Christmas ? You can try to have Christmas Brunch in here. I’m sure you won’t dissapoint with their food. And their lobster is a must try from the buffet menu. If you don’t see the lobster from seafood section, you can ask the staff so they can prepare it for you.

Thanks Raffles Hotel Jakarta for this lovely brunch. Hope to see you again sometimes 🙂

Arts Cafe
Raffles Hotel Jakarta 1st Floor
Ciputra World 1
Jl. Prof.Dr.Satrio

Phone : 021 – 29880888
Website :


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