Nordic Tapas with Chef Petter Beyer at Monty’s


There’s an event at Monty’s called Nordic Tapas. Monty’s Executive Chef, Chef Christer Foldnes’ Kjøkken together with Chef Petter Beyer (Norwegian Seafood Chef of the Year 2010 & Head Chef of Bare 13, Restaurant of the Year 2015) will bring Chef Petter’s signature dishes to Monty’s. This event is only from 2 November 2016 until 5 November 2016. Nordic Tapas ala carte menu is available for lunch & dinner at Monty’s.


Yesterday I had a chance to tasted the Nordic Tapas menu for lunch. That was my second time at Monty’s. Always love the ambience at Monty’s, so classy and elegant.

Amuse Bouche


Traditional Nordic Charcuterie – IDR 195.000

Cured leg of lamb, smoked wild salmon, dill & flatbread

Wild salmon is quite rare nowadays. That’s why the fisherman only can caught 2 salmons per day. The smoked wild salmon was  tasty. You can eat it together with the flatbread, dill, scrambled eggs and dip it into the sauce. Perfect combination.

Salted Lamb – Traditional Norwegian Festive Speciality – IDR 180.000

with kale, turnip and creme fraiche

Salted lamb is a traditional Norwegian Festive speciality. The lamb was very tender and of course salty. The creme fraiche was too sour for my taste. But it was such a great experience to try the traditional food from another country.

Nordic Crispy Chicken “Tacos” – IDR 150.000

with green beans and parsley

Love love love this dish. The chicken was very crispy with fresh vegetables. They bring the vegetables straight from Norwegia.



Clipfish – Traditional Norwegian Salted Codfish – IDR 260.000

with potato, leek & butter

Another traditional Norwegian dish is Clipfish. Actually this is a codfish with lots of salt and you need to hang the fish for a while. That’s why it called Clipfish since you need to clip the fish. The presentation was really pretty. The fish tasted salty but it tasted quite good. Really went well with the butter sauce.


Monkfish & Oxtail – IDR 280.000

with mushrooms and fermented tomatoes

My first time trying monkfish. The broth was made from beef oxtail. You can find small cuts of oxtail in there. The fish was not soft as another fish. You need extra energy to cut this fish, but when you put the meat inside your mouth, it is very tender and quite chewy in a good way !


Hand Dived Sea Scallop – IDR 140.000 / pieces

with beetroot, almond & black truffle

My most favorite menu. The scallop was really fresh. You can taste the sweetness from this scallop. One of the must try menu !


Nordic Carrot Cake – IDR 90.000

with oat ice cream

Don’t forget to end your lunch with a good dessert. I got Nordic Carrot Cake yesterday. Carrot cake with oat ice cream and edible leaves (tasted quite sour). The carrot cake tasted really moist and perfect with the oat ice cream. I really enjoyed my dessert

Chef Petter Beyer

And here’s Chef Petter Beyer. Really good looking, huh ? He was a musician but he has passion for food and now he’s one of the most talented Chef from Norwegia.If you want to try his food, you still have a chance since the event is still running until 5 November 2016 at Monty’s.

Thank you Monty’s for this wonderful experience.

Jl. Raya Senopati No.84
Jakarta Selatan 12110

Phone : 021 – 7204848


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